Business Services

The Business Unit of Lutheran Education Queensland (LEQ) provides services for all Schools and Colleges in the Queensland Lutheran System.  The Chief Financial Officer is responsible to the Executive Director LEQ for the financial management of the Secretariat and to provide business advice to all entities under the control of LEQ.

The responsibilities of the Business Unit are as follows:-

  • Act as the system manager for matters relating to Commonwealth and Queensland Government funding, including general recurrent special purpose and capital grants and accountability reporting. This responsibility includes signing and lodgement of each School/Colleges’ Financial Questionnaire, Census and other documents.
  • Coordinate the signing of LCAQD seal clause contracts/agreements e.g. Commonwealth Capital Grant Agreements with Independent Schools of Queensland Block Grant Authority, building contracts, purchase of property contracts and lease agreements.
  • Prepare LEQ Secretariat budget for approval by Schools Council and endorsement by Schools Assembly and District Church Council.
  • Prepare the LEQ Annual Financial report and present to Synod.
  • Coordinate all applications for new schools and variation to existing accreditation approval to the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board.
  • Manage departmental finances through the LEQ Finance and Development Sub-Committee.
  • Submit all Lutheran Laypeoples League and commercial bank loan applications for approval by District Church Council.
  • Communicate regularly with schools through the regular newsletter (Business Briefing).
  • Coordinate Westpac Mastercard, BP Fuelcards for all LEQ entities requiring use of these arrangements.
  • Provide Payroll services for LEQ and QLECS entities.
  • Monitor the finances of SCHOOLS and QLECS to ensure that they are operating in a financially healthy manner.
  • Mentoring new Business Managers.
  • Reviewing for approval, all applications by LEQ Schools to the Block Grant Authority for Capital Grants.

If you wish to contact the LEQ Business Unit – telephone: (07) 3511 4052 or email: Your email will be directed to the person responsible for your query or request.