Leading Teacher Two

The teaching profession provides a tremendous opportunity for Christian men and women to serve the mission and ministry of the Lutheran Church as carried out through its schools. Teachers are a critical influence in the growth and development of the young. Their impact is far reaching in that through their students they touch the future.

A Leading Teacher Two is a classroom teacher who, through their classroom practices and professional learning, demonstrates excellence in the teaching profession and is a role model for other teachers.

The appointment of a teacher as a Leading Teacher Two is criteria based as set out in Schedule 5 of the Queensland Lutheran Schools Single Enterprise Agreement 2013. Eligible applicants for appointment as a Leading Teacher Two are required to demonstrate their capacity to validate the criteria in Schedule 5 before being recommended for appointment as a Leading Teacher Two.

Please find listed below links to the following documents:-

LEQ Leading Teacher Information Pack for Applicants

LEQ Leading Teacher Two Application Form

LEQ Leading Teacher Two Professional Referees Form

LEQ Appeal to Review Panel Form – Leading Teacher Two