Valuing Safe Communities

As schools of the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA), Lutheran Education Queensland school staff and volunteers are obliged to meet the requirements of the LCA Safe Place Policy. Valuing Safe Communities (VSC) is a school specific program to comply with this expectation.
The LCA Safe Place Policy states:
1.    Sexual abuse and sexual harassment by people in positions of trust has a destructive impact on other people’s lives. Such abuse and harassment is totally unacceptable to the LCA.
2.    In observing Christ’s command to love one another we are to treat each other with dignity and respect. In honouring people we are fulfilling our responsibility under the law of the land.
3.    The LCA is committed to implementing processes to ensure the Church is a safe place.
4.    The LCA is committed to respecting people who feel that they have been subjected to sexual abuse and sexual harassment.
5.    Those who hold positions of trust in the Church are called to guard with great care the trust placed in them. They have an absolute responsibility to avoid all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment.
VSC integrates these expectations in the school context.