Risk Services




The Risk Services program in Lutheran Education Queensland (LEQ) uses AS/NZ ISO 31000:2009 as its guiding principle. While the Risk Services area supports a framework of risk management across all LEQ  operational areas, its  more specific role is in health and safety and knowledge management.

Risk Services staff support LEQ schools and early learning centres in good practice, regularly monitoring their progress particularly in relation to those areas of the non-state school accreditation program (LEQ – School Improvement Plan) for which they are responsible.

Regular professional development and training is conducted or leveraged to maintain high levels of compliance as well as for sharing new ideas and practices. The program is also supported by third party professionals, who provide expert advice, materials and aid continual improvement.

LEQ Risk Services is committed to upholding an ethos and set of values   which not only enhances the core business of facilitating the personal and academic outcomes for our students but also encourages good stewardship.