Knowledge Management


Through Sharing of Our Understanding Learning (SOUL) Lutheran Education Queensland (LEQ) is implementing the Knowledge Management (KM) vision statement developed and adopted by the Board for Lutheran Education Australia (BLEA) in June 2009:

In this context KM for Lutheran Education Australia (LEA) means developing an innovative and creative work environment where individuals, schools and regions:

  • learn from each other, through sharing knowledge and information;
  • access single sources of data to promote the construction of knowledge and, in turn, wisdom;
  • access knowledge and information in a timely manner;
  • effect standard core policies, protocols or processes;
  • embrace core operating principles that deliver best practice at all levels using common definitions and terminology; and
  • communicate using unified systems.

The associated strategic directions for this vision will be to:

  • develop and market a KM culture using change management principles;
  • establish a policy framework;
  • establish core systems and databases to achieve a single point of access for corporate knowledge with seamless work flows; and
  • establish a dedicated role to drive and implement the strategic Knowledge Management directions.

To map LEQ’s knowledge profile and its progress towards a more mature knowledge ecosystem the knowledge ecosystem model of AS 5037 2005 is being utilised.